Survived the Algonkian Pitch Fest!

“You are going where?” Trying to explain a “pitch conference”  to non-writers, hell, even to writers- is challenging.

Back two weeks, here are my thoughts: Algonkian’s NYC Pitch fest was: Not a place to learn to write, but a place to learn to talk (crow?) about my novel.

Not a place to sell the book the minute I came through the door, but a place to have face to face meetings with editors and agents.

Not a place for wimps, but a great place to meet other motivated, committed writers.

Not a place for people who think their book is perfect and refuse to make changes. Not a conference that leaves much time for socializing, sight seeing or even sleeping.

Definitely a place to learn whether your novel has commercial potential or not.

Definitely a place to push yourself, your comfort zone, and your thoughts about your work.

Definitely a place to meet a group of very funny, warm and sassy guys. (I was the only woman in the mystery group!).

Definitely a place to get coached by an awesome, supportive, agent (Thank you Paula Munier).

Definitely a place to meet some folks in the industry that I found open, encouraging, and having integrity. Refreshing.

I’d recommend it for sure, as long as you don’t fall into the categories above (wimps, writers who believe they are “done”, and people without a desire to get their book published.)

Don’t miss out on the night out for drinks at the New Yorker Hotel, and don’t fail to recognize the real gift might be the other writers in the room. Finally – walking down 5th avenue on a gorgeous afternoon, meeting my Rutgers buddies for dinner, finding new material at the bar in Jersey. God, was it good to be home.

Thanks Michael Neff for starting this exciting conference.


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  1. Nicholas Cicero says:

    I agree completely!!

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