Family comes to the opening!


New to this play writing world, I was moved deeply to see my words spring to life on stage these last two weekends. Salvador was produced after winning a contest sponsored by the Redwood Writers Club. My characters joked, flirted, strode across the stage, and even danced a little. Tensions grew, secrets were revealed, tears welled on the edge of spilling, middle-eastern politics rose and fell from center stage, and a family broke, reconfigured itself, and went on. In fifteen minutes. Phew.

I was blessed with actors who pushed themselves, a director who cared, and a theater willing to take a risk by sponsoring a festival of new plays. (6th Street Playhouse, Santa Rosa, check it out!).

A quick shout out to my family that did a read through when it was still quite rough, Garrett Groenveld for crucial feedback, Lennie Dean for leading the festival, Skylar Evans my dedicated director, and of course the many friends and family who came to see the show. For those of you who couldn’t battle the (at times) heinous traffic, I’ll just have to get a play produced soon closer to SF. Working on it!

I am thinking of a fatally flawed wedding planner as she goes through a divorce, visiting her soon to be ex-mother in law, who is battling Alzheimer’s. Sound intriguing? Amusing?

As the curtain rises…



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