Hello Folks,

I wrote a very short story, otherwise known as flash fiction, called Naranja, and it is now published in a literary journal, the Black Fox Literary Review.

Here is the link:

Getting published in literary magazines that are online only can feel like I am cheated of that “book in my hand” feeling.

Being in a print version only of a lit journal, you wonder – how many people read this? Will my friends actually order the copy and have it sent to them, just to read my little story?

Black Fox is a lovely option, as it is both. You, my friends, readers, and supporters, can read it online or order your very own copy of issue #10.

My story  is short enough, that even those of you who never take the time to read lit journals, can read this one story. But the other stories/poems in the journal are worth reading too.

Naranja is a little sweet, and a little sad, but mostly just a tiny story about a man on top of a ladder. A man with a colorful past, a vibrant present, and unclear future. An artist who sees color over all else. A father, a grandfather, a son. A beginning, an end, a moment.

Enjoy. I hope your holidays are going well.

When I was a child we used to get oranges in our stockings. So perhaps “Naranja” is a holiday story too.

Gracias a todos por leer,



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