The Review review.


It is a new feeling for me, to be reviewed.

The mother of a professional actor, I know what it is like to rush to the papers the day after a show opens. (And so far, have a happy feeling!)

But as a writer that has not yet published a book, I’ve never been “reviewed” publicly.

Until now!

I was surprised and touched  to read this review of Limehawk, a magazine I was fortunate to be published in. The reviewer, Rashi Roghati, says this about my story:

Most of all, the issue starts wonderfully, with Joanell Serra’s “Alma Mater” alongside Karen B. Golightly’s photographs. Golightly’s images are eerie, green, urban dreamscape/hellscape photos, contrasting at first with the setting of Serra’s story: a near-death experience that takes place in what starts out as heaven. For the protagonist, this is a slightly askew version of her college days several decades ago at Rutgers alongside a pragmatic, now-dead roommate who we realize was her last true friend. The story goes reaches beyond cleverness to an examination of why even lives lived true to one’s self can seem to sag, to burst, in our loneliest moments.

Here is the link to the review.

Thank you, Rashi, for your kind words.

Now back to the novel in progress!



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2 Responses to The Review review.

  1. Barb says:

    Hi Joanell, the photo at the top is beautiful. Could you advise where it is from, please?
    Thanks very much.

    • Learningjunkie says:

      I really don’t know – it was tagged with the review. But now you have me searching, happy to give credit to wherever it came from, and I cant find it on google or anywhere. Not sure how to find out, but looking for it…there must be a way to reverse search a picture? I didnt even know about the review when it happened, oddly.

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