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This heart -breaking world journey.

    The events of late, from hurricanes to the horrible event in Las Vegas, leave us breathless, so aware of our fragility, and lack of control. Yesterday I listened to the interview of a man in Puerto Rico, describing … Continue reading

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Obituary Solace

    For personal reasons, this week I sought solace in the words of others who have faced loss by addiction. I found a series of obituaries, publicly denouncing the epidemic we face.  Elegies, written by the grieving, furious and … Continue reading

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A Glad Heart.

    It is hard to know, with each piece of fiction we create, if it matters.  This novel I have finished does not challenge your knowledge of World War 2, or create a world where women act as hand … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the eve of May.

Spring comes late this year. Slipping in between the sheets just when I’d lost all consciousness, had shifted from a long winter malaise to a true coma. I can barely rouse myself to open my eyes as the room grows … Continue reading

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Falling into quicksand.

  My dogs ran away one hazy afternoon, when I’d headed out for a consoling long walk through the marshes. I bent down to tie my shoe, and cell phone fell to the ground. I reached for it, placing the … Continue reading

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My youngest child is sixteen today.       He is still a child. A simmering bundle of appetites. He will eat cake with abandon, roll hard in muddy Rugby fields, and drop his things across the house like change … Continue reading

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Quiet Lightning. 11/7/2016 in SF.

  It is always awesome to be included in an exciting writing event. I’ll be reading on Nov 7, as well as have my piece in the book produced for that evening. Thank you Quiet Lightning for including my work … Continue reading

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